Which balcony type are you?

First of all, not everybody knows:

The balcony is the only room of a home that is only made for leisurement.

Of course you can store your beverage there or dry your laundry, but one thing let’s not forget:

If you are one of the lucky ones who dispose of a balcony, veranda, terrasse, rooftop, boat, garden, even a park? – or at least a bench in a park:

the green: infinite, ...

... not eternal.

pure, classic, translucid.

makes a mind: curiosity & passion

makes a garden: time & light

Relax –

Take a seat, a drink, a book, a meal, have a date and enjoy the brightness of a TimeBulb, enlighting everthing you do to make your life more tasty, comfortable, stylish, interesting, exciting – more worth it.

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