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Product Catalog 2021: TimeBulb, the rechargeable cordless acculamp with qi induction charger pad

Product Catalog 2021: TimeBulb, the rechargeable cordless acculamp with qi induction charger pad.   Product Catalog 2021 Image Gallery  

FineArt meets Rustic - Credits: Konzept & Floristik: @die_blumentante Foto & Video: @eas__photography Kerzen: @kerzenwenzel Location: @schlossweyberhoefe Mobiliar & Dekoration: @palettenhochzeit Menükarten: @margoandbees Beleuchtung: @bnp_eventtechnik Tischlampen: @timebulb_cordless_lamps Brautpaar: @neneh_sonko & @max.301189 - EAs_208-TimeBulb-cordless-lamp-kabellose-lampe-hochzeitsdeko-vintage-candlelight-rustic-wedding-decoration-trends-blumentante-eas-photography-weyberhoefe-bridalcouple-brautpaar-table.jpg

Wedding Award Germany 2021 – And The Winner Is…

Congratulations! We are proud to announce that the Wedding Award Germany 2021 goes to our friends: PalettenHochzeit. They made the first place with stunningly innovative rentable handcrafted wedding decoration and furniture of high quality. Matches with TimeBulb cordless lamps? – Right, that’s why we use to cooperate, as you see in the pictures of a recent shooting.   Herzlichen Glückwunsch! …Continue reading

TIMEBULB-wireless-charging-cordless-lamp-bbq-event-design-decoration-pacific-ocean-carribean-sea-hawaii-seaside-beach-picnic-sunset-dinner-party-outdoors-garden-terrace-glamping-camping-edison-tent glamping-gadgets-vintage-cordless-wireless-charging-lamp-picnic-picknick-outdoor-camping-trekking-tent-#clamping-trends-2021-2022-roadtripping-beach-park-hiking-winepicnic-brotzeit-sunset #chicnic #picnic #glamping #camping #date #romanticdate #candlelight #candlelights #candlelightdate #candlelightdinner #travel #travelgadgets #outdoors #picniclamp #winepicnic #vesper #brotzeit #oktoberfest #timebulb #timebulbmoment #timebulbdinner #wedding #wedding2020 #weddingdecor #weddingtrends #wirelesslamp #cordlesslamp #tilmannschlootz #trends2020 #designtrends2020 #productdesign #tentlamp #gourmetpicnic #tabledecoration #tablelamp #festival #festivalstyle #festivals2021 #bohostyle #vtg

Cordless Lamp On The Beach: Traveler, Are You Into KiteSurfing? Or StandUpPaddeling? Or SunBathing? Or BackPacking? – No Matter, In The End You’ll Get A Sunset Picnic

Beach Time – Enjoy! SUMMERTIME, and the living is EASY – SUN is diving, ambient is the LIGHT. Put your TimeBulb wireless charging cordless lamp on top of your packing list. Extend the night with your #beaching LIGHT. Wireless charging Edison lamp TimeBulb: designed, handcrafted, MADE IN GERMANY (Frankfurt). We support your project, not only with a variety of our …Continue reading


Inspiration: Shabby Chic – Vintage Land House Style Interior Design, Upcycling DIY Lifehacks, Patinated Keypieces, Gold, Copper & Wood Ideas,

We support your project, not only with a variety of our own photographs, but also with a big, dynamic pinterest board, according to following descriptionkeywords/hashtags: #shabbychic #homedecor #shabby #shabbychicdecor #vintage #dekorasirumah #shabbyhome #homesweethome #interiordesign #shabbychichome #walldecor #shabbydecor #interior #handmade #furniture #decor #shabbylover #home #diy #shabbylovers #homedecorlovers #jakarta #decoration #retro #timebulb #timebulbmoment #timebulbdinner #wirelesslamp #cordlesslamp #batterylamp #shabbylamp #shabbychiclamp #retrolamp #vintagelamp #designlamp …Continue reading

EAs_252-TimeBulb-cordless-lamp-kabellose-lampe- - Credits: Konzept & Floristik: @die_blumentante Foto & Video: @eas__photography Kerzen: @kerzenwenzel Location: @schlossweyberhoefe Mobiliar & Dekoration: @palettenhochzeit Menükarten: @margoandbees Beleuchtung: @bnp_eventtechnik Tischlampen: @timebulb_cordless_lamps Brautpaar: @neneh_sonko & @max.301189 - hochzeitsdeko-vintage-candlelight-wedding-decoration-trends-blumentante-eas-photography-weyberhoefe-Hochzeitstorte-weddingcake-candybar.jpg

Inspiration: Event Styling – Trends 2020 – Wedding and Dinner Table Decoration Ideas for Planners, Stylists, Brides and Florists

We support your project, not only with a variety of our own photographs, but also with a big, dynamic pinterest board, according to following descriptionkeywords/hashtags: #eventstyling #eventplanner #events #eventstylist #eventdecor #partyplanner #eventdesign #babyshower #event #partydecorations #party #partyideas #partyplanning #birthdayparty #decor #partydecor #flowers #design #luxuryevents #decoration #luxury #celebration #decorations #eventdecoration #firstbirthdayparty #desserttable #engagement #partyfood #partyinspiration #partyfavors #tablescapes #eventlighting #lightingdesign #timebulb #timebulbdinner …Continue reading

EAs_208-TimeBulb-cordless-lamp-kabellose-lampe- - Credits: Konzept & Floristik: @die_blumentante Foto & Video: @eas__photography Kerzen: @kerzenwenzel Location: @schlossweyberhoefe Mobiliar & Dekoration: @palettenhochzeit Menükarten: @margoandbees Beleuchtung: @bnp_eventtechnik Tischlampen: @timebulb_cordless_lamps Brautpaar: @neneh_sonko & @max.301189 - hochzeitsdeko-vintage-candlelight-rustic-wedding-decoration-trends-blumentante-eas-photography-weyberhoefe-bridalcouple-brautpaar-table.jpg

Event and Wedding Trends 2021 & 2022 – Cordless Lamps – Styling, Decoration and Party Themes in the Year of Coronavirus Pandemic Covid-19

NO PANIC! – the Year of Coronavirus Pandemic Covid-19 is not an Obstacle but a Challenge. Since Covid-19 tightens a grip around our society and social distancing takes effect on cultural events, our social life has to find new ways through this year, taking the chances that lay in the crisis. The planning of weddings, managing of events, and styling …Continue reading

TimeBulb wireless dinner table lamp #100yearchallenge #10yearchallenge 1920 2020 2021 #1stapril light cordless cablefree wedding event party decoration trends nikola tesla thomas edison heinrich göbel staminno chllotz candlelight from Invention to Innovation of the Cordless Lamp - inventor innovator age of industrialization era Made In Germany Basis Frankfurt laboratory #basisfrankfurt #cordlesslamp #wirelesslamp #edisonbulb #edisonlamp #nikolatesla #thomasedison #staminnochllotz Edison Bulb #tilmannschlootz Tilmann Schlootz brand ambassador influencer #1stapril #1stofapril #steampunklamp #steampunkstyle #steampunktendencies #steampunk #vintagelamp #madeinfrankfurt #madeingermany #twenties #roaringtwenties #goldentwenties #twentiesparty #twentiespartytheme golden roaring twenties wedding party theme event motto styling trends 2020 2021

100 Years From Invention To Innovation – From Edison Lightbulb To TimeBulb Cordless Lamp #100yearchallenge

Easy and Delightful cordless Lamps as never before Nowadays, it’s a small step for you to go outside, enjoying the sunset dinner in the garden or at the beach, safely delighted by your TimeBulb cordless lamp. But it was a big step in lighting history to finally provide wireless lighting technology to everybody at home, in restaurants or on wedding …Continue reading


TimeBulb Lampen PopUp Store auf Lola´s Weihnachtsmarkt 2019 in Frankfurt

Frankfurter aufgepasst: Wenn das vierte Lichtlein brennt, erleuchtet TimeBulb den vierten Advent. Diesen Samstag und Sonnteg, 21.12.2019 – 22.12.2019, macht TimeBulb für Euch einen einmaligen Abverkauf auf Lola´s Weihnachtsmarkt 2019. Lola’s Weihnachtsmarkt lohnt den Besuch. Die exklusive Kombination von Kunsthandwerk über Glühwein und Kuchen bis hin zu Kunstwerken und Designprodukten zieht seit ihrem Debut Künstlerszene wie Weihnachtsshopper in ihren Bann. …Continue reading


A Light Dawned On Me – 8 Smart Questions from Innovative Minds

Publication Enlightened by the pale warm shimmer of a pure timebulb in his hand, he tells that he is fascinated by the simple things in life. Always seeking for new perspectives in a different light, solutions and metheds to approve communication and interaction between human beings. Our friend, designer and marketing expert Tilmann Schlootz from Germany reveals his favorite method …Continue reading

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5 Five facts you cannot ignore about 2020 & 2021 wedding decor trends and inspiration

No matter if you are a BrideToBe, a wedding planner or an event stylist – these five facts about the major coming wedding decoration trends are irrevocable. Decoration is an important and exciting task in strong wedding seasons 2020 & 2021, especially if you run a challenging motto like vintage wedding, roaring twenties wedding or a boho style wedding. Also …Continue reading