A Light Dawned On Me – 8 Smart Questions from Innovative Minds


Enlightened by the pale warm shimmer of a pure timebulb in his hand, he tells that he is fascinated by the simple things in life. Always seeking for new perspectives in a different light, solutions and metheds to approve communication and interaction between human beings.

Our friend, designer and marketing expert Tilmann Schlootz from Germany reveals his favorite method of starting a project. “Every brand wants sustainable customer retention. It is about asking the right questions to the management.”

This week, his contribution about innovation and creative thingking is getting released in changement! the German business magazine for change management by Handelsblatt.


The item:

Inspiration – Kluge issues of innovative minds

Introduction of Imke Keicher:

If you are looking for inspiration: Beware of people who have more answers than questions. Innovations need the fresh look and cheeky questions. And these lurking fortunately everywhere – here we present a small selection of unusual questions of inspiring people. Should you be a little irritated, we have done everything right. Irritation is often the beginning of something new.

The whole edition is worth reading and available here: